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Tricolor TV gives piracy update


Russia’s leading pay-TV operator Tricolor TV has stepped up its fight against piracy both in its home market and in CIS countries.

In a statement, it says that in 2017 law enforcement officers instituted 21 administrative proceedings and 13 criminal cases in connection with the violation of its rights. It also blocked over 900 internet resources.

Tricolor TV adds that all told, law officers seized over 160 pieces of pirated equipment used in unlawful activities (65 pirate receivers, 46 smart cards, 44 microcircuits and cryptomodule and other equipment in 2017.

Significant results were achieved in combating digital piracy. In total, 13 criminal offences were opened in Russia and CIS during the reporting period and investigations continue into other cases.

Tricolor TV says that then next important direction of its anti-piracy activity will be suppressing the violation of copyright and related rights.

It investigates the illegal broadcasting of TV channels in public places and notes that most offences in the B2B segment can be resolved by pre-trial orders. Forty-seven contracts, or four times more than the previous year, were concluded in such a way in 2017.

Aside from blocking internet resources, Tricolor TV has also clamped down on the illegal use of its trademark, winning two court cases in Russia in 2017.

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